The Barrel Yards Stage 1

Project Name:  The Barrel Yards Stage 1
Location:  110 Erb Street West / 16 Barrel Yards Blvd, Waterloo
General Contractor:  Stonerise Construction
Summary of Project:  The Barrel Yards is a 12 acre site near Uptown Waterloo on the old CANBAR property that is currently under construction. It is planned for multiple residential highrise towers, office towers, a hotel, and townhouses, with one to two stories of underground parking beneath the entire site. We have been directly involved with the highrise and parking garage construction, as well as excavation and foundation slabs on most of the site. We have placed over 50,000 cubic meters of concrete to date, and that number will continue to rise.
Interesting Facts:  
  • Stage 1 contains two 22 storey cast-in-place apartment towers (The Cooperage 1 and 2) and three storey connecting structure ("The Link")
  • Horizon formed, tied rebar, poured, and finished all concrete
  • To date we have poured over 350,000 square feet of underground parking garage, with more under construction. 
  • Excavated, waterproofed, formed and poured approximately 220,000 square feet of raft slab 
"While working with Horizon at the Barrel Yards the quality of the workmanship was excellent, and the attention to detail unparalleled. I recommend using Horizon Concrete"
David Coulter, Project Manager The Barrel Yards Waterloo

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